Reggae Revolution

In the year 2266, the world is controlled by a fascist police state. Peace, love, unity, and respect have all been made illegal. Finding the relics of Reggae in the ruins of the old world, a circle of youths rediscovers the power of music. They plan to coordinate an enormous underground dance party to return the message of nonviolent resistance back to the people! Join the resistance, fight to topple the corrupted government, and throw the biggest dance party to show the people how significant these ideals are to overcome the oppression and celebrate life.

Reggae Revolution
Reggae Revolution


  • Cooperative Deck Building

    Past meets future in this dystopian science fiction game set in the year 2266. It's hippies vs fascist supervillains in this cooperative deckbuilder. It is very challenging as the villains are way evil. The player's cards come in four types: peace, love, unity, and respect. As well as having some nasty ability, each villain suppresses a type. The active player must discard all cards of that type from their hand. If multiple villains are in play, they might be suppressing two symbols; in which case the player is discarding about half of their hand! On top of all of that, players in this peace and love game cannot fight the villains! Instead they must sway the villain by gifting them a card from their hand. After this is done, players have very few cards left for buying other cards, which is crucial, because the villains are always destroying player's cards! if all four card types get suppressed, players cannot play cards and the villains win again! The first time a given group plays Reggae Revolution, they will likely lose. But, the game is short and they will do better the second time, but still lose. By the third playthrough, the group will likely form cohesion and beat the fascists!


  • 240 Cards
  • Rule Book
Reggae Revolution Reggae Revolution Reggae Revolution

Everything is subject to change.

1-6 players 45min playtime teen 14+